leanne markle


My name is Leanne Markle. I'm a self-taught artist, illustrator, and creative entrepreneur with a UI/UX design background. As a highly sensitive person and an introvert, my mind is a busy place with lots of feelings and emotions. I make sense of the world through my art with personification and humor. I get inspiration from everything around me, the mundane, regular day-to-day things, and all the nature around me, indoors (with my cute houseplants) and outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! My work is primarily digital, but I also love using ink and watercolor. I'm always exploring new materials and mixing media. When I'm not drawing, I'm reading, listening to podcasts, biking, or taking long walks exploring our neighborhood with our two pups. I'm also usually taking a class on something, is taking classes considered a hobby? It should be :) I love learning new skills and taking new courses from pottery to block printing ukulele lessons. I live in Seattle, WA. with my daughter and husband, two crazy and needy Italian Greyhounds (Ruby and Cooper), a gecko named Taco, a fish named Bruno, and an axolotl named Muffin.

If you'd like to work together, have questions, or want to say hi! Please feel free to email me at hello@leannemarkle.com

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