I'm so happy you are here :) My name is Leanne Markle. I'm a self-taught artist, illustrator, and creative entrepreneur with a UI/UX design background. I love to draw, and I've prioritized drawing daily to grow my creative practice. I have so much fun exploring different media, building my body of work, and playing with art. Practice is progress, and I believe art is a lifelong practice that forever grows and evolves.  

I love learning about the world around me. I get inspiration from everything around me, from the mundane, regular day-to-day things, to the beautiful nature around me in the PNW, my houseplants, comics, my dogs, and parenting. I care deeply about our planet, animals, and humanity. In addition, I'm passionate about emotional self-care. To have compassion for others, you have to start with having compassion for yourself.

When I'm not drawing, I'm reading, listening to podcasts, collecting classes, taking long walks with the pups, and hanging with my family. I also love any exercise that's fun and doesn't feel like exercise! I'm all about tricking myself into being active. :)

If you would like to collaborate or just wanna say hi or chat I would love to hear from you. Please send me an email at: hello@leannemarkle.com.

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