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Creative Retreat Live class resources


Books I talked about in this class :)

Mindset - By Carol S Dweck, PH.D. is a great book I highly recommend this book if you are looking to understanding the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.


Wired for Joy - By Laurel Mellin. PH.D. This book was a how I started with Emotional Brain Training (EBT). I think this book does a great job of explaining EBT and ways you can use EBT to find more joy in your daily life. You can also find more information about EBT here.


What's my number? - By Laurel Mellin. PH.D. This is a great book to start with. Gives you a quick introduction into EBT and how to use the tools.


The Stress Overload Solution? - By Laurel Mellin. PH.D. This book dives a little deeper into what is EBT and how to use it.

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