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Sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader!

Sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader! I’ve been feeling super down this week, maybe it’s overwhelm, there’s lots of changes happening around me, and I don’t like uncertainty! :) But that’s okay, sometimes it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable doesn’t equal bad. It’s important to keep moving forward! Ever hear the saying “talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend”? I resonate with this saying so much. I always keep it in my back pocket, reminding me that what I do have control over is how I support myself. My inner self talk, having compassion for myself, giving myself grace, being my own good parent. Over the past few years I’ve built a strong relationship with myself, it's taken lots of time and hard work but I finally truly understand what it means to love yourself! When you have love and compassion for yourself then you are able to have love and compassion for those around you. It doesn't work the other way around. Romeo I feel like I’m carrying around my own personal cheerleader. Maybe you’re feeling down, or overwhelmed too. Being your own good parent, or cheerleader might look like giving myself permission to take it easy or rest. Sometimes I’m telling myself “I love you, I see you and I hear you!” Or “you can do it!” Don't get me wrong, sometimes negative self talk sneaks in too. But I feel the negative self talk happens less and less if you’re able to bring awareness to it and work to change it. It takes intention. I realize this might be random! But that's what I thought about after I drew this. Oddly not while I was making it!

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