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The only way out is through...

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The only way out is through...

Funny, (to me) that this quote couldn't ring any truer at this moment! I've gone back and forth several times over many years of wanting to start a blog and wanting to start posting my work. And I've sat back and watched others (from people I know who are creative and people I've found online that I've followed), I've watched their story unfold all the while thinking that I should be doing this too. Why not me? I'm not saying that I'm better or think that my work is the best, it's actually the opposite feelings I face, and feelings that I know all creatives have (even the ones that have "made it"). I go through feelings that my work isn't good enough yet, or I'm still at the beginning of this imaginary timeline I have in my head of being "ready" to put myself out there. The time is now though, I have this feeling in my gut that I'm ready to take the plunge, that now is the time I need to put myself out there. This is my chance; all stars feel aligned! lol or maybe I just finally have some clarity on what my first steps and my goals are this year. And I know one thing for sure I know I will never do it if I wait till, I'm "ready" to do it. It's scary putting yourself out there. I believe there is room for me out there (and there's room for you too!) if you are just starting out, if you are hesitating, now's the time. The only way out of the fear is to move through it.

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